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2015-08-04_00302015-08-04_00292015-08-04_00322015-08-04_00312015-08-04_00372015-08-04_00332015-08-04_00352015-08-04_00342015-08-04_00362015-08-04_00382015-08-04_00392015-08-04_00432015-08-04_00422015-08-04_00472015-08-04_00442015-08-04_00492015-08-04_00502015-08-04_00512015-08-04_00532015-08-04_00522015-08-04_00542015-08-04_00552015-08-04_00562015-08-04_00572015-08-04_00632015-08-04_00642015-08-04_00662015-08-04_00652015-08-04_00742015-08-04_00672015-08-04_00682015-08-04_00692015-08-04_00712015-08-04_00722015-08-04_0075After months of bed rest and pre-term labor, Miss Shelby stayed right where she belonged until she ready! I was so glad that I made it to her birth, considering she was teasing us with coming early! Dad was so supportive and Shelby’s momma was so calm and labored beautifully! When she was born, we realized that her cord tightly wrapped around her neck! We were all relived to hear that first cry and see her pink right up. She is a strong little girl and so happy to be in the arms of her family! Congrats, Howard family!

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  • August 6, 2015 - 1:58 pm

    Marion B. Knox - Congratulations to all. She’s a cutie!ReplyCancel

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